Reflect-All™ is a fast drying, semi-transparent acrylic lacquer packaged to deliver 340 grams in a 12 oz. container. It produces a retro-reflective matte finish and may be applied to a variety of materials including metal, wood, plastic, rubber, concrete, masonry, stucco, asphalt and more. When applied as directed the dry coating produces a clear low gloss film during the day and at night will reflect light back to the source as brilliant white. The reflectivity is uniform regardless of the angle of the light source and viewing.

MSDS Specifications Fact Sheet

To find out the specifics on our Reflect-All™ Product, CLICK HERE to download our MSDS Fact Sheet.


• Appearance: Clear thixotropic liquid and dry film with matte finish
• Viscosity @ 77F / 25C: Brookfield #2 spindle/.05rpm = 40,000+cps / 20rpm = 4,000+cps
• Weight / USG: 11.5 + or – 0.1 lbs
• Specific Gravity: 1.38 + or – 0.1
• Weight Solids: 45.0 + or – 1.0%
• Volume Solids: 21.8 + or – 1.0%
• Flash Point: Less than minus 7 degrees C / 20 degrees F
• Dry Times: Touch: 5 minutes / Handle: 15 minutes / Hard: 1 hour
• Retro – Reflectivity Rating: 5-55 Candella / Lux / m squared (based on color)
• Theoretical Coverage: 219 square feet @ 1.6mil (actual coverage 13-16 square feet)
• VOC Content: C.A.R.B. Reportable 27.5% / Total 55.0%
• MIR (ozone generation potential): 1.93
• Conforms to California Air Resources Board (CARB 2005) regulations for VOC content and Maximum Incremental Reactivity. (MIR) (Ozone Generation)


Directions: Apply only to a clean dry surface free of debris, dirt, grease, wax, rust, etc. Mask off surrounding area to protect it from overspray. SHAKE CAN VERY WELL BEFORE AND DURING USE. HOLD CAN AT LEAST 12 INCHES (30.5CM) FROM SURFACE TO BE SPRAYED. DO NOT apply heavy coats that look wet. Effect works best with light coats. Mist in short overlapping strokes. FOR LARGER AREAS, APPLY SEVERAL THIN COATS. Optimal application temperature is 45 degrees F to 90 degrees F (7.2C – 32.2C).

TO CLEAR NOZZLE AFTER USE, TURN CAN UPSIDE DOWN AND SPRAY UNTIL VALVE CLEARS. Always test spray in a small inconspicuous area first before applying to intended surface.